Student Success

Ensuring the long-term success of all students

  • IU will address the changing dynamics and demands in the workforce and the critical value of higher education in a globally interconnected knowledge economy.
  • IU’s educational offerings, curriculum, and pedagogy will remain cutting-edge, while preserving the value we place on a general broad-based education that best prepares students for success. IU will design and implement an experiential component that distinguishes IU graduates.
  • IU will ensure that our practices actively seek equity and inclusion for all students. We are committed to building a community where equity is our strength, differences are respected, and inclusivity is the norm.
  • IU will assess the costs of new and existing programs to ensure that benefits exceed costs and to minimize additional financial burdens to our students.
  • IU will prioritize the health and well-being of our students and the faculty and staff who directly and indirectly serve them.

IU will ensure the long-term success of all students by providing the highest quality of education through a rich, diverse, and engaging environment.

How we'll measure success

Undergraduate success metrics

  • 6- and 4-year graduation rates in the top 25% of peer group.
  • Retention rate for first-year, full-time students in the top 25% of peer group.
  • Number of credits upon graduation as close as possible to 120 credit hours.
  • Career outcomes rate: In the top 25% of peer group.
  • Decrease the cohort loan default rate.
  • Social mobility: Increase % of Pell-eligible students who are within specific salary levels after graduation.
  • Need-based aid: Increase total $ spent on need-based aid.
  • Develop elite campus-level honors programs.
  • Increase number and amount of externally funded scholarships.

Graduate, professional, and online program success metrics

  • Time to degree: In the top 25% of peer group.
  • Improve retention and completion rates in graduate programs, particularly doctoral-level programs.
  • Increase job placement rate for graduate programs, especially placement after PhD.
  • Increase graduate programs and students by at least 10%.
  • Increase the number of online programs/certificates and enrollment by 200%.

These are suggested metrics. Each campus will develop its own set of metrics to support the strategic plan framework.