Community. Collaboration. Partnership.

As the flagship public university in the state of Indiana, Indiana University has the reach and capacity to contribute at the scale required for Indiana to reach its full potential.

IU 2030 reflects Indiana University’s dedicated focus on serving communities across the state in every sphere, improving the lives of Hoosiers, strengthening the cultural and economic vitality of the state of Indiana, and pursuing innovation and new knowledge that improve the human condition.

IU is committed to timely education, research, innovation, economic development, community service, and engagement.


To advance the shared goals and objectives in service of Pillar Three: Service to Our State and Beyond, IU will:

  • Contribute to Indiana's future economic prosperity by leveraging its strengths and resources, particularly talent development, in areas that the state of Indiana (Indiana Economic Development Corporation) has targeted for investment and growth, including ag/bioscience, artificial intelligence/machine learning, battery technology, cybersecurity, microelectronics/semiconductors, and advanced manufacturing.
  • Provide robust leadership for Indiana’s life and health sciences industry to attract and retain talent while contributing to improved public health outcomes statewide.
  • Strengthen partnerships with business and industry to advance progress against the state of Indiana’s talent and workforce needs and priorities.
  • Serve as a leading partner to P-12 educators through support for high school pathways and dual-credit offerings and providing continued leadership to supply talented P-12 educators and support advanced teacher-education programs.
  • Continue to connect Indiana, and its economy, to the world by leveraging IU’s global assets, academic programs, and alumni networks to support international trade and investments, workforce development, and global career readiness.

Metrics and markers of progress

Markers of IU’s progress against its goals and objectives will include:

  • Increasing the number of students enrolled in corporate-university partnership cohorts.
  • Expanding the number and scale of external partnerships to address future workforce talent needs in Indiana, the nation, and the world.
  • Increasing the number of students interning with Indiana-based corporate entities.
  • Establishing a baseline and increasing the number of IU graduates hired to Indiana-based industry sectors supported through the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.
  • Increasing the number of P-12 partnerships, including career-pathway partnerships with high schools, in each campus service region.
  • Maintaining and expanding engagement from campus leaders serving on local and state chamber of commerce, economic development, and workforce boards and committees—in addition to those serving on national and international boards.
  • Increasing the number of Indiana University graduates who annually pursue careers within the state of Indiana post-graduation, including in the life and health sciences.
  • Strengthening opportunities for international alumni engagement with IU faculty, alumni-owned businesses, and the state.