Midpoint Report

Bicentennial Priority One: A Commitment to Student Success

Programs to increase students’ financial literacy, student population diversity, and on-time degree completion rates; expansion of online course and degree offerings; and new academic programs improve students’ likelihood of success.

Action Item results for Priority One

Bicentennial Priority Two: A Community of Scholars

Communities of practice based on disciplinary, interdisciplinary, shared creative activity or research, teaching and learning, or other scholarly subjects encourage collaboration and excellence across all campuses.

Action Item results for Priority Two

Bicentennial Priority Three: Catalyzing Research

Funding of three Grand Challenges projects and many Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Grants, development of new collaborations, increased external funding, and investments in facilities and infrastructure enhance collaborative research activity across all campuses.

Action Item results for Priority Three

A Renewed Bicentennial Priority Four: Re-Imagining Education

The establishment of two separate schools of education in Indianapolis and Bloomington and the development of action plans by all campuses allows each school to focus on improving teacher preparation and K–12 education across the state. 

Action Item results for Priority Four

Bicentennial Priority Five: A Global University

Initiatives to develop higher education partnerships, sustain active alumni chapters, and establish gateway offices in IU’s priority countries around the globe support increased opportunities for study abroad, international recruitment, and faculty research and scholarship.

Action Item results for Priority Five

Bicentennial Priority Six: Health Sciences Research and Education to Improve the State and Nation’s Health

Increased research capacity, collaboration, and funding; new programs and expert faculty in key areas; and new and expanded clinical partnerships address the public health needs of the state.

Action Item results for Priority Six

Bicentennial Priority Seven: Building a Prosperous and Innovative Indiana

Cooperative intitiatives on all campuses foster an entrepreneurial culture among faculty, staff, students, alumni, and regional community partners to bolster innovation and translational activity across the state.

Action Item results for Priority Seven